cement hose, suction hose, rubber hose, air hose
cement hose, suction hose


cement hose

suction hose, rubber hose, air hose
rubber hose, air hose
air hose

rubber hose

End Connections are manufactured to suit customers requirements.
End Connection are available in all kinds of metallurgy as required.
Specialized end connections as per customers design / application are also manufactured.

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Dredge Hose & Bellows | Iron Ore Slurry | Water suction & discharge hose (light duty) IS-2482/90 | Water suction and discharge hose (heavy duty) IS-3549/83 |  Fire service hose (IS-2410/63) | Water delivery hose: IS-444/87. (Smooth bore) | Oil suction & discharge hose (light duty) IS-10733/83 | Oil delivery hose IS-10733/83 (Type-3) | Oil suction & discharge hose (heavy duty) IS-8189/96 | Sand blasting hose (IS-5894/80) | Cement grouting hose (IS-5137/90) | Cement Barytes Suction hose | Air hose (IS-446/87 Type1 & Type2) | Rockdrill hose (IS-446/87, Type3) |  Chemical hose (IS-7654/87) |  Brewers & food grade hose

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Cement Hose, Suction Hose, Rubber Hose, Air Hose

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